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who wrote hanuman chalisa and why

Who wrote hanuman chalisa
who wrote hanuman chalisa

Who wrote hanuman chalisa ?

on the equal time as and who has written the real Hanuman Chalisa?

Answer: -
Hanuman Chalisa changed into written with the useful resource of Sant Kavi Tulsidas lower decrease again inside the 15th century. Saint Tulsidas come to be an ardent devotee of Lord Ram, and function turn out to be keen to get a darshan of Lord Ram. within the ones days, he used to chant Ram naam and recite the Ramcharitmanas close to the Varanasi ghat every day within the night time time. masses of human beings used to gather to be privy to his chantings.
It became during this time that Saint Tulsidas have been given to apprehend from someone, that Lord Hanuman himself attends his evenings chantings normal, and if he prays to Lord Hanuman, he can get a darshan of Lord Rama. Tulsidas had been given to understand that Hanuman ji disguises himself inside the form of an unpleasant looking vintage man or woman, and that he's the number one man or woman to gather, and the remaining one to move away.
Now, Saint Tulsidas made extraordinary to meet Lord Hanuman on the next night time time, and pray to him for Lord Ram’s darshan. day after today, Tulsidas become able to understand Hanuman ji, and after the consultation modified into over, he begins offevolved following Lord Hanuman (who end up in disguised form). as speedy as he meets Hanuman ji, Tulsidas proper now falls into his feet. It have turn out to be then, on the identical time as he composed Hanuman Chalisa to pleasure Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman being happy along together with his devotion, well-known his real identity to Tulsidas, and gives him with the boon to get a darshan of Lord Ram.
word : the existing Sankat Mochan temple of Shri Hanuman stands at the element wherein saint Tulsidas had been given the darshan Shri Hanuman.

Tulsidas ji has not written. Goswamiji was a Hindi language scholar and Hanumanchalisa made a big mistake. In the prevalent Hanuman Chalisa there are only 20 quadrupeds, which are considered 40. In fact, long after Hanuman Chalisa Goswami ji, Tulsidas ji of District Balrampur, Tehsil Tulsipur, wrote it and its manuscript is preserved in Patan temple of Tulsipur.

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