Republic day whatsapp wishing script 2021 download for blogger

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Republic day whatsapp wishing script 2021 download for blogger

Republic day whatsapp wishing script 2021 download for blogger
Republic day wishing script 2021

Please visit the demo image and demo website.

Hello friends, I will share you the Republic day WhatsApp wishing script 2021 for the blogger website. Wishing script is the seasonal blogging website. You can earn lots of money from the wishing script based websites.

You can earn money from wishing script website AdSense is very rare chance to approve this websites. So, please you can use the alternative of Google AdSense. Adsterra is the best alternative of Google AdSense. For wishing script website monetization you can use adsterra ads.

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What is the benefit of Republic day WhatsApp wishing script 2021?

India is turns to digitalization, the people's can wish the relatives and friends using the wishing script share on the WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The people can share this wishing script website links for the wishing friends the more visitors is visit on your website, your website is goes viral you can earn more money you can't expected.

Features of Republic day WhatsApp wishing script 2021

It is fully responsive.
It is mobile friendly.
It is ads friendly.
It has very low loading time. (very fast script)
It is Customisable. (HTML)
It is SEO friendly.

How to setup the wishing script website in blogger?

step by step you can follow the instructions.

Step 1: First of all, Go To Your “Browser” and search for, Now SIGN UP when your account is not in blogger.if your account is on blogger SIGN IN in through your Email ID and password.

Step 2: Now Create a new blog, Just add your blog “Title Name” and “website name if you need (address)” of your blog and click on “Create Blog”, (you can choose blog address should be similar to your project, the project you are working in) or just follow as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Now go to your blogger “Dashboard” on a left side and click on “Theme”. Now you will seen several themes you have to choose any one of them. After that Just Click On “Apply To Blog”.
Choose the theme in blogger
Choose theme

Step 4: After applying the theme, “Theme” Page itself and Go Down and you will see an option “Revert To Classic Theme” Click on that.

Create a republic day WhatsApp wishing script
Create a republic day WhatsApp wishing script

step 5: After clicking on “Revert To Classic Theme”. Delete all the codes that you see on the “Edit Theme HTML”. and put the scripts according to your events. Here are all the Festival Wishing Scrips. Just “Paste” that scripts.

Republic day whatsapp wishing script 2021 download for blogger
Republic day wishing script

Note:-  Turn OFF the blogger navbar.
  • Add your AdS code
  • Edit the Google analytics code

Demo image

Republic day whatsapp wishing script 2021 download for blogger
Wishing script

Demo website

Download republic day wishing script

Republic day whatsapp wishing script 2021 download for blogger

There are many types of fishing scripts like

  1. Holi wishing script
  2. Ambedkar jayanti wishing script
  3. Independence day wishing script
  4. Hanuman jayanti wishing script
  5. Diwali wishing script
  6. Ramnavami wishing script
For the 2021 I can provide before the the festival so please revisit my website.

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